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Website System

Personalized Lead Capture Website Markets Your Business

Imagine total automation of your sales process that grows your business. Below are the essential elements to building a solid, long term business in an efficient, cost-effective manner. Our lead capture website system allows you to provide a professional level of information and service no matter how small or large your business is.

Capture Pages

Your Capture Page is your introduction to your prospect, providing featured information to alert the prospect to your business. The Capture Page will then take the customer to your detailed information so he/she can then direct specific questions to you/your staff.

Autoresponse System

The most important, yet often under-used, strategy for most businesses is using your Capture Page to introduce your product/service to your customer and then staying in touch to build brand identification and customer loyalty. Your autoresponder automatically sends personalized messages to your customers on a schedule determined by you, allows you to send special broadcasts alerting your customers to special values, and keeps your name in front of the customer. Whether you are building a new business and only have a few customers or are an established entity with customers throughout the world, your autoresponder is the key to building long term success.

Detailed Statistics

In business, you have to know who your prospects are, how many it takes to convert to customers, what type and volume of purchase they make, when they make these purchases and other details about them. Our statistics tracking system allows you to customize the information in the format you want and then isolate areas of special attention. And, since the system is automated once you set it up, it is hands-off leaving you free to ‘drop in’ anytime for an up-to-the-minute review.

Campaign Tracking

Advertising and marketing is the backbone for all business and is, in many cases, one of the most expensive challenges you have. No matter where you advertise...print or online...you have to track your ad responses, conversions and other data to place your advertising in the most effective medium. Our Campaign Tracking system lets you load your advertising information, see the responses immediately and know at a glance how well your advertising dollars are doing.

Lead Management

Prospects may come to you from a variety of advertising, and may be interested in one or more of your services and products. It is essential, therefore, that you keep your messages specific to the needs of your leads, stay in touch regularly and give them an opportunity to properly evaluation your products and services. Our lead management system allows you to gather information about your leads ranging from basic name, address, etc., to specific details like purchasing habits and call history, etc.

Broadcast Messages

This is the ‘front page’ of your newspaper, the news that captures your prospect’s attention. A Broadcast message is a detailed look at a product or service, an update, a note of special importance, sent to all of your prospects and customers within a specific group. You simply enter your message, note the group and your messages reach a few or 1000’s with a simple click of the button. Your Broadcast messages allow you to keep your customers up to date on a moment’s notice.

Email Tracking

Effective marketing campaigns lead to specific results and knowing your customers are opening and reading your emails is critical information. Our exclusive email tracking tool allows you to view your leads, see how many and which ones are opening your emails. You can use this information to see how effective your current messages are and to customize messages based on customer preferences.

Aweber / Get Response

Your account includes a built in autoresponder so there is no need for you to purchase a separate system. However, two of the most respected and widely used autoresponder systems are Aweber and Get Response, both known for their ability to get messages delivered. If you have either system you can simply ‘plug’ it in here and maintain your current email strategy.


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