Leads To Grow Your Business
Direct Mail Campaigns.  Website System.

Direct Mail and Online Marketing that Gets Results

The most important challenge for any business is finding a simple, automated way to get leads to grow your business. Vanguard is your solution.

Research shows that direct mail postcards and letters are one of the most effective ways to drive prospects to your website and convert them to customers.  That is what Vanguard does best. Creating the best direct mail copy and designs combined with the most targeted mailing lists that drive quality prospects to your website.

We offer a multi-channel approach that combines direct mail with automated email follow-up, so your business is right in front of your prospects when they are ready to buy.  Whether your sales organization is just you or you have a team of dozens of representatives, our system can be scaled to keep the flow of leads growing your business.  We offer small minimum packs of 100, 200 and 300 sets of postcards and leads to fit your budget

Your direct mail designs are specific to your business, so if you have a sales network of reps that sell financial or health products, travel, real estate, insurance, automotive, educational courses, or any number of other categories we can design a system that works.

A complete Lead capture website system is included for all our members.  These webpages can be customized to match your current corporate website.  Prospects who respond to your direct mail campaign opt-in to see your offer and are then emailed a series of followup sales messages to keep you in front of them as they make their buying decision.

You can relax as we do all hard work.  We handle the printing of your postcards and letters, rent your mailing lists and process your data, plus we will address your mail, pay the postage and deliver it to the post office if you want to keep your staff time free.

Tracking Your Campaign Will Build Success For You

From day one, we will use our tracking system to run stats on which list converts the best in your campaign.  This way we can help you roll out to the most successful mailing lists and eliminate any that are below average.  (If you have ever used direct mail in your business you probably know that most list, print and mail companies do not offer a tracking system.) When we can see where your results are coming from we can help you build success.

We will set-up your website system with your first order, and without delays you are in business fast!  We look forward to working with you to grow your business.